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Wolfram Alpha and Blekko – Internet Search Services

Wolfram Alpha home page

Wolfram Alpha

Unlike regular Internet search services Wolfram Alpha , call himself searcher for answers. This service collect all scientific, lingual, philosophic and similar data on Internet in structural form and instead of generating list of web sites, content is present in structural formulation of data and information. This type of search service is drastically different  from semantic approach on Google and Bing.  Contrary Wolfram Alpha use complete mathematics approach of presenting information using visualization, mathematic calculation and statistic information. Wolfram Research  is known company by its software Wolfram Mathematica that is used by Universities world wide.

According to them www.wolframalpha.com is based on this software platform , and thanks to it user can calculate complex math equations or to discover scientific information in structural form. If we search something on Google or Bing there is possibilities to get millions of internet sites with required information, but wolfram alpha will present to us information already packed on understandable scientific  language with additional statistics, additional information that can be saved in PDF format.

Wolfram Alpha Search Answer


Potential of this search engine for answers is to big and maybe it will be next School  equipment for every student.


Also there is another player in the game of Internet search services and engines, relatively new, it is called Blekko .  Guided by the idea that it is about time to stop fight against all unnecessary and  irrelevant  information  that can be find on the internet, authors of this internet search service www.blekko.com, offer concept of searching trough known and relevant web pages. In this way jump over so called farm of information that are create on search score base. Because today searching on key words is not enough, this search service use Slashtags , this mean that another condition is given by which results are filtered. Unlike other search services, Blekko search trough exactly selected and relevant web pages. In this way is given less, but more relevant and precise informations. Eve searching with Slashtags ( / ) is relative easy, on start, it will e used by advanced users, and those who know what they looking for.

blekko home page search

On every result that will be given, despite marks: tag, seo, links, cache, ip, adsense, info etc, also stand mark spam, which give you the option to filtrate the search, which means that if you want some pages to be marked as spam, that page will no longer shows in result pane. Maybe most interesting option is mark SEO ( search engine optimization ) which gives information about connections from and to given page with percentage analysis  by regions with information   about time periods of indexing and bunch of tool that can be useful for every web administrator.

Unlike closed systems of ranking on others search services, here everything is transparently clear and with advices, which with any administrator will have opportunity to improve ranking of its own web page on search service.

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