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Windows XP support end in april 2014, what you need to know

Windows XP end of support April 2014

What if you still need Windows XP? You can keep using it. Bu it will become more and more unsecure over time. More security vulnerabilities will be found and not patched. It will be difficult to find new hardware that support Windows XP, if your current hardware crush down or need to be upgraded. New software versions may stop supporting Windows XP and you may be stack with older software version, not updated and unsecure . If you have old software that works only on Windows XP, you should consider upgrading to a new version of Widows and running Windows XP on virtual machine. Windows 7 versions – Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions include Windows XP Mode. This will help you to increase security by allowing you to use modern, secure and technically   supported Windows OS while continue to use unsupported Windows XP on virtual machine.

Windows XP computer at risk

Another aspect  about security is that you will continue to use antivirus software on your Windows XP, but this will become more unsecure, because your unpatched  OS Windows XP will become like cheese from Swiss, full with holes. And some antivirus companies may stop support increasingly vulnerable XP systems. If your organisation has a Windows XP deployed, you should already be working on migration to a newly version of Windows ( windows 7 at least ). And as home user, you should be thinking at upgrading also. Most Windows XP users agree that Windows 7 is worthy upgrade ( Widows 8 and 8.1 is still controversial ), and Microsoft will support Windows 7 until 2020.

To be honest- On today market you won’t find OS vendor that supports their Desktop OS for as long as Microsoft support of Windows XP. If you are upset, you can always switch to Linux. You just leave Windows XP behind.

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  1. fidel says:

    Realy useful and nice staff, nice to know what to do with windows XP in the next couple of months

  2. Great information and nice Hompage… :)

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