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Windows XP support end in april 2014, what you need to know

Windows XP end of support April 2014

Windows XP support end will be on April 8, 2014. Windows xp end of life is near, and after couple of extended support, it looks like that this deadline is final. Because Windows XP i still widely used, in this article will explain what to do next. Windows XP is also second-most popular windows system after Windows 7. Windows XP support end in 2009, but extended support is still continuing. Security patches and hot fixes for Windows XP are still creating. Microsoft still write security patches and send them via Windows Update service.

Also Microsoft offers free and paid technical Windows XP support, so this can be useful for business at the moment. Another aspect  for using Windows XP is that you are forced to use this Windows XP OS on NOT so new hardware and software that has support only for Windows XP. If you haven’t that situations , good advice is to upgrade on Windows 7 at least.

Windows XP installation process

Starting on April 8, 2014, that will be NO new security patches for Windows XP. Windows XP will remain vulnerable as new security patches are found, as well as technical support will no longer be offered.

Windows XP won’t be stop functioning, you can use them and even download old security patches, but new ones will NOT be produced. Most of the new software will not be tested on Windows XP platform, and new hardware may not have drivers support for Windows XP. As Microsoft won’t Windows XP support anymore, Amount of Hardware and software that does not support XP will grow. Security patches are crucial important moment, especially in enterprises that still use XP. Smart move would be to migrating to Windows 7 ( or Windows 8 ).

windows xp automatic updates


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    Realy useful and nice staff, nice to know what to do with windows XP in the next couple of months

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