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Windows Registry Root Keys – most important keys in Windows Registry

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KEY_CURRENT_USER – Includes adjustment of the user (per-user) and a link to HKU \ SID and SID have already learned what is (I talked to upper part of the potty). Within this root key are The next subkey:

- AppEvents – Allows you to hear certain sounds in a particular action (sound when you open the folder, the sound override …)

- Console – Store data for console subsystem (command prompt …)

- Control panel – contains a number of adjustments for language, appearance GUI …

 - Environment – Contains environment variables set by the user.

 - Identifies – contains a subkey for identities in Microsoft Outlook . These identities in OE to allow more user deli one mail client

- Keyboard Layout – Data on the keyboard

- Network – Information on “mapped” network drives

- Printers – User data for printers

- Software – Contains information and set user applications. In this subkey is also found windows configuration.

- Volatile Environment – Contains environment variables that are set in override user.

HKEY current user

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE – Includes adjustment of the system (per-computer), which means that the same impact on any users who login to the computer. This includes setting the drivers, the management of windows data. Within this root key are The next subkey:

- Hardware – Description of hardware that is detected by windows. This subkey is created due to system start up and contains information about the devices and their drivers.

- SAM – Contains certainty windows data base, Security Accounts Manager (SAM). Peasant told, there are housed all the codes in Windows and the same are unavailable and the administrator. This is under normal circumstances, however … There are programs which can hack SAM, I thus reach the required description, code … SAM is a character to the HKLM \ SECURITY \ SAM .

- Security – contains all the data from the subkey SAM, as well as other security data.

- Software – Do not repeat, read the notice for this subkey I gave on the HKCU root key

- System – contains adjustment controls. Subkey is located in the following Path: HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet.

HKEY local machine