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Windows 9 Threshold say goodbye to Charms bar, say hello to Virtual Desktops

Windows 9 virtual desktops feature logo

Windows 9 Threshold say goodbye to Charms bar, say hello to Virtual Desktops . Windows 9, also called Threshold, all announcements should be available to users of next spring, with the possibility of a beta version by the end of this year. Microsoft will try to regain the popularity of its operating system with this version, so it will involve quite new and required functions, and will also exclude certain with low popularity. In one of the previous posts we read that in this version of Windows Start menu will be back in a new form, and that modern applications can be used in separate windows in the desktop environment.

Windows 9 threshold start screen menu

The latest information that coming from different sources show several interesting things that have to be introduced in Windows 9. This version of the operating system is supposed to introduce a feature that has long been available and popular with the various Linux distributions , as in Mac OS X. It is the introduction of virtual desktop surfaces,  ability to use multiple desktops as separate screens that change by simply pressing a button. Any user that  used Ubuntu at least a few times, is well familiar with this feature.

Ubuntu virtual desktop split screen

Other information which is also unofficially is removing the Charms bar for devices with mouse and keyboard, and perhaps completely for all users and devices. Charms bar in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1  is a bar that appears on the right side of the screen when you move mouse over it or tap on the left side of the touch screen, and it set things like Settings, Share, Start button, etc. This bar is one of the things that has not had great popularity and were not accepted by the users. To open this Charms Bar you should make certain movements, and there is no indication where it is. It is believed that the functions of the Charms bar will be built in other parts of the applications.

Windows 8 Charms bar

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