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Windows 9 Concept Features-Redesigned Taskbar

windows 9 concepts Logo

Windows 9 is expected to be released sometime in spring 2015, but designers are already creating concepts imagining the upcoming operating system Windows 9 – code name Threshold. Windows 9 Concept Features-Redesigned Taskbar is included also. As you can see in this concept , people pretty much expect Microsoft to bring major improvements to the desktop as well, including a revised taskbar and maybe desktop widgets.  The designer has used larger icons and full transparent taskbar, which means that you can’t even see it on the desktop.
Of course, this concepts still needs more refinements, but it’s indication that users want Microsoft to pay much more attention to the desktop side of the operating system and less to the touch-optimized Modern UI.
Enjoy in the designs:

Windows 9 Concept Features a Completely Redesigned Taskbar

windows 9 concept feature

windows 9 design concept feature

windows 9 concept feature design

Windows 9 Looks concept design

Windows 9 concept feature design

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