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Windows 9-called Threshold shows reborn Start menu and Metro apps running on the Desktop

Windows 9 logo

If you do not want to give up Windows 7, the next Microsoft operating system “Threshold”, or Windows 9 is appropriate for you. Windows 9-called Threshold shows reborn Start menu and Metro apps running on the Desktop. Microsoft confirmed that already working on the next generation of Windows-Windows 9 (code name Threshold). The focus of the new operating system Windows 9 is looking to corporate functions and easily create applications that run on a multitude of different screens. For example, typical applications for tablets will work just as successfully on TV. Meanwhile, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner explained that the next version of Windows will be based entirely on user feedback.Windows 9 threshold metro in a window

This operating system arrives in three variants, desktop, tablet and mobile. You will be able to identify hardware that is running on the experience of using it is customized exactly to that platform. This means that if you use a traditional desktop configuration with mouse and keyboard, Threshold will run in Windows desktop mode. The start screen with live tiles (Metro Apps style) will be available to people who use machines with touch-sensitive screens such as tablets, but there is an option to switch from one of these two options if the OS detects connected keyboard.

With the new “Start” menu of Microsoft trying to restore the old glory of the desktop. It is known that at any point Microsoft will bring back the old “Start” menu. Clearly show the Start menu, which is little changed compared to what Microsoft show its Build conference in April.

Windows 9 threshold start menu
The left side of the new Start menu is virtually identical to what you might find in Windows 7, while the right side looks like a mini Start screen.  Screenshot shows the new Metro PC Settings (control panel) running in a window on the Desktop. This is maybe a far more important change than the resurrected Start menu. This change might actually make mouse and keyboard users somewhat inclined to interact with Metro, rather than avoiding it.
Windows 9, is due to be released in spring 2015 – probably at the next Build conference. and this fall the public will have a chance to see some of the innovations that he will bring.

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