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Kept Secret – Windows 8 doesn’t ask you when deleting files

windows8 file delete box

Enable the Windows 8 delete file confirmation dialog

Windows 8 – Newest Operative System released from MIcrosoft, very modern with his metro style, but I notice one special thing that I would like to show you, so be careful next time when you delete file on Windows 8.

You may find that in Windows 8, when you delete a file, you don’t get prompted to confirm whether you want to delete it or not. If you press SHIFT+DELETE then you will get prompted, to delete file forever, but if you delete the file by mistake, Windows 8 does not inform you with dialog box ( Do you want to delete the file – Yes or No ), it delete without prompting. However, if you want to re-enable the delete file confirmation dialog, you can do so by right-clicking on your RECYCLE BIN and then clicking PROPERTIES. From there, you can check the DISPLAY DELETE CONFIRMATION DIALOG checkbox and hit APPLY. Now you will be asked By Windows 8 when you want to delete a file.