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Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages

Windows 8.1 feature good and not good features

Boot to desktop – Finally Microsoft has this option for desktop. Hot corners are available and are of particular benefit if you are a user desktop with multiple monitors. The change helps to forget the Metro UI. Hot corners are still forced into other areas – improvement in detecting whether there works with desktop, laptop, tablet or relevant contextual menus.

Windows 8.1 boot to desktop taskbar navigation properties

Greatly improved Metro applications and Help – new Skydrive application provides Explorers way of dealing with files from the Metro UI . Skype looks great and replaces the old Messaging application. Mail is better , but very limited , and you get a wide range of options in the settings menu and many visual aids to explain how to work with the operating system.

Default file associations on Metro applications – are set as default for opening PDF documents , photographs and other popular file formats , although they are not optimized for navigation with the mouse , you can not manipulate with the files (copy, paste, print, move windows). The solution is the same as the Windows 8, install and do configuration of your favorite desktop applications as new standards.

Installing high quality applications from Windows Store – When working well installing apps from Windows Store, it looks magical. Two clicks and boom-loading a new program . If you choose a large application will begin downloading in the background . Subtle status reports will tell you when the program ended with the takeover , intaliranjeto and when you work .

Windows 8.1 windows store apps

All those Metro applications have no reason to exist – fundamental transformation is needed to be a useful application for Metro desktop. Most of the applications belonging to the web service offer less experience than their browser. In some cases they are not official applications and Microsoft is not doing enough to solve this mess.

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