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Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages

Windows 8.1 feature good and not good features

Start button is back – As you’ve heard many times before it’s just a button, not menu, although the menu by right clicking with powerful settings and useful shortcuts are still present. Return to the Start button is a positive change and works best when you make settings from the home screen with most used applications and shortcuts.

Yet, the home screen has a problem to make configuration using the mouse. While the addition of larger and smaller tiles enhances the overall experience compared to what you have in Windows 8, home screen still can NOT  manipulate if you want to add, remove or delete tiles. Newly installed programs are NOT automatically added to the Start, which can be both good and bad, but without proper integration of the desktop and Start applications, interaction between two people will fail.

All Programs Screen – Microsoft responds to “divorce” between desktop applications and the Start tile, and it’s All Programs, but makes it difficult to search countless unnecessary shortcuts for help and other unnecessary things. It seems to scroll through each of your old shortcut Programs menu.

Windows 8.1 all apps by category

Sharing the desktop background and Metro UI – a pity that Microsoft does not make this the default setting, as it represents a major improvement in how Metro and the desktop together. Modern Metro user interfaces were designed for Windows 8, that’s why many people avoid this operating system. Design in many different languages​​, making coexist amicably is something that makes Microsoft Windows 8.1 worth installing, and the terrible background with flower is no longer standard.

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