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Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages

Windows 8.1 feature good and not good features

Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages. Unlike previous editions of the desktop operating system Windows 8 face many controls available after year. Every time a company makes drastic changes in Windows gets disappointing reviews from users. The same thing happened with Windows 8. Microsoft is faced with a difficult situation after the launch of Windows 7. Struggling for relevance in the field of mobile devices, the company has tried to fill the gap in its portfolio by adding a touch friendly desktop interface of Windows.

However Metro comes with a myriad of questions and complaints mostly due to bad choices in usable design, the part that I hope Microsoft will fix the Windows 8.1. Before you install the free upgrade, check out the improvements and deficiencies.

Windows 8.1 review start desktop

Windows search is much improved, but still far from perfect – Windows 8.1 make improvements with universal search works well most of the time, including facilities for semantic searches. If you’re using Mac OS X you will notice that Mac is held at the highest level with beneficial results. For example, this operating system Mac OS X remembers the previous query, and the result is significant in future searches with fewer keystrokes.

Windows 8.1 search feature

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