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Windows 8.1 first look review-officially introduced by Microsoft

Windows 8.1 review

Microsoft released the latest upgrade of its operating system Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is available for free for upgrade for all customers who bought Windows 8 operating system for PC and tablet computers, and can be installed directly on Windows 7, but you should buy. Windows 8.1 was introduced with rich functionalities , which gives users the option to set the device according to the way of life at work, home or when on the move. With the announcement of Windows 8.1 , Microsoft added more customization, more background colors and different sizes of “live tiles” or tiles that represent applications and web sites, you can now create web pages side by side, there are new keyboard shortcuts, and also multi-tasking is enhanced with the ability to open up to 4 applications side by side at the same time. System Requirements for Windows 8.1 how ever are very similar to Windows 8. 

The biggest news is of course the return of the Start button in the desktop mode, although “return” is a misnomer because the Start button start the modern interface. Right-clicking the Start button pops up a list of useful setup options. Also is added the Boot-to-Desktop option that computer booted straight into desktop mode. This is useful for users who do not like the Metro interface, and there are many.

windows 8.1 start button

Windows 8.1 continues the vision to adapt Windows computers mostly, and demonstrate long-term strategy of Microsoft for quick and adequate market development. The new Windows 8.1 anticipate a number of innovative devices for end users and business – the handy and mobile tablets and 2-in-1 devices to laptops and productive all-in-one computers. Many of these new devices with touch and have an even greater processing power, long battery life and modern design, as proposed in all price segments.

Windows 8.1 provides many opportunities to personalize and also functional improvements including:

- Customization – Improved home screen with different size “live tiles” on the application, several background images and colors for every Windows device look unique and totally personal. Users can choose how to start Windows – the Home screen or in a well-known desktop mode of Windows.

windows 8.1 live tiles

- A nice and easy to navigate – as a symbol of working with Windows, Windows 8.1 returns the Start button, known element of navigation. Upgraded terms of applications allows users to see all your applications at once, for even easier access and new clicks.

windows 8.1 feature easy navigation

 - Advanced search – the new Smart Search Bing  provides an easy way for users to find the desired file on the device or online. Just slide your finger across the screen or typing on the home screen and “Smart Search” to find – whether it is a document, a photo album in the cloud, favorite application or website.

Windows 8.1 Smart Search Bing

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