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Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP Search and Indexing Features Tips-Turn off indexing and Speed Up Windows

windows search indexing

If you still use Windows XP , this option is enabled by Default.  If you face with problems like CPU utilization is High, Size of Pagefile may be as large as 1GB or more,  Cidaemon.exe process use lots of pagefile space and CPU time. This can ocur if indexing service is running on your Computer.
Windows XP indexes files on hard drive and stores them in memory to speed up it’s built-in search. If you don’t use Windows search frequently, turn off indexing to free up memory and to relax CPU usage. Steps to do that are:
Turn off indexing:
Open My Computer > Right Click your hard drive ( usualy “C:” ),
choose Properties > Uncheck the box at the bottom ” Allow Indexing Service to …”
Click OK, and files will be removed from memory. This may take few minutes to complete.
Also you can go to Windows Explorer, point to View Menu, and than click Search.
Click Change Preferences, and than click Without Indexing Service.
Click No, do not enable Indexing Service, than click OK.

To disable Indexing Service:
On the Start menu, go to RUN > type Services.msc > Scroll to Indexing Service, right click it and select click Properties >
If the status is Running, click the Stop button, than change the Startup type to Disabled.


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