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Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP Search and Indexing Features Tips-Turn off indexing and Speed Up Windows

windows search indexing

You can see here locations which are being indexed. You can pause indexing any time you want by clicking on the Pause button,  and you can modify the Index locations. The Advanced button give you more options. By clicking Modify you will see dialog box that will show currently indexed options. Here you can choose which drive, partitions or other locations you want to be indexed. Normally Windows folder, Program files and system files are NOT indexed.

Windows Indexing options modify

If you click on Advanced button in the indexing options, you will see dialog box with Advanced indexing options. On the File Types Tab you can add or remove File types that you want to be indexed, or in the Index Settings Tab you can set to index encrypted files,  to delete and rebuild index, and to change Index location path. Remember before you add encrypted files to the index,  it is recommended that you have Windows BitLocker ( or Non Microsoft Encryption program) enabled on your system drive for security purpose.

Indexing Options Advanced options

 All this Indexing Features are managed by SearchIndexer.exe program, that is actually service that manages the indexing of files for Windows Search feature. You can find it in Windows Task Manager, in Processes tab. If you right click on this program and select Go to Service(s) option, it will lead to Windows Service called WSearch that is associated with it. This Service provide and manages content indexing, caching and search results in Windows. If you want to terminate this process at any time, you can click on End Process Tree to terminate it as well as its related processes.

If you do not use the Windows Search often and Would like to disable Windows Search,  that will speed up your Windows how ever, you can do this: Open Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features on or off .  Uncheck the Indexing Service check box, Click OK and Restart Windows.

Indexing Service Windows Features

Alternatively you can open Services console, Click Windows Start button, type services.msc ( or Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services ), go to Windows Search service, Right Click and select Properties, it the start up type set to Disabled, Click Apply / OK and Restart Computer.

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