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Windows 7 Tips & Tricks

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 7

Microsoft brings many innovations and improvements, however small things are the ones that sell the product.In the few pages that follow we will make review exactly those small and tiny things that make you love the Windows 7.

I decide to transfer my experience in previous work with Windows 7 but not in the form of a standard review of the operating system but rather in the form of tips and best practices (Tips & Tricks). In this way you may be able to help you out and show you how to use Windows 7 better, in other words, Microsoft will show you what you did to make you switch from your XP, Vista or any other operating system to Windows  7 .

Manage your windows in Windows 7

Windows 7 simplifies the management of documents and programs in a way that allows you to “pin” a window or manipulate the same size with one mouse maneuver or a simple keyboard with one click.

windows 7 circle dock bar

To set your window on one half of the screen, drag it left or right and the window will change its size tofit left or right half of your screen. To manipulate the vertical size of the window, you can drag the window to the top of the screen and the same increase, double click on the upper or lower limit of the window and it vertically will increase until its maximum width will remain the same.The above manipulation you can do using the keyboard:

[WinIcon  - Windows button with the sign of the keyboard]

WinIcon  + Left arrow hangs window on the left side of the screen

WinIcon  + Arrow right hook window on the right side of the screen

WinIcon  + Up arrow maximizes the active window

WinIcon  + Down arrow to minimize the active window

WinIcon  + Shift + up arrow maximizes the active window vertically

WinIcon  + Shift + down arrow restores the active window in original size vertically.

These possibilities  whether they used with a mouse or keyboard  , it would be a lot easier if you have a need to compare the contents of two locations, so easy … Attach one location on the left and the second location on the right side of your screen (Windows 7 itself to tweak the size of the window) and there …. required contents side by side.

Aero view of your desktop

Completely new but definitely very interesting and probably much needed tool for instant view on your desktop. During the operation the user opens a bunch of windows so desktop is rarely seen, but at times you need something right out there so you want to view. Just go with the mouse in the lower right corner, immediately after the date and clock and all your open windows will become transparent, so your desktop is available. I get the same while pressing start typing.

WinIcon  + Space.AeroTryBar

Walking through the open windows

Of course you happened to have started a few text documents in MS Word, and you need time to time to see them (Alt + Tab window will open all possible), then press Ctrl (control) and mouse keep clicking on the icon the application in question (in our example Word) and Windows 7 will only roam between open instances Word. The windows will be opened in order in which they were first window opened.

Release of inactive windows

Many times it happens to our desktop is crowded with open windows, in addition to the active window in which you work from all sides protruding corner of the window, small or large windows and all it is sometimes одзима attention or annoys you. Cure in Windows 7 is simple, just press the  WinIcon  + Home and all the windows that are active at that time will be minimized. To restore just repeat the procedure.

Look clearly

With improved zoom tool in Windows 7, you can increase the different parts of the screen, very quickly and very easily. Zoom Tool in Windows 7 allows you to zoom in on any area of your screen, define the scale factor to increase and track and field mouse focus. Launch the “Magnifier” from the Start menu, and set the glass in a certain part of your screen. It will remain in that position, in relative proportion with the boundaries of your screen. Move the mouse cursor around and clearly see that the view to the desired portion of the screen increases.You can also programming one of the buttons on your mouse (if your mouse software is compatible with Microsoft IntellPoint) to include or exclude Zoom Tool. Go to the Control Panel and click on “Hardware and Sounds”, then “Mouse” and select the “Buttons” tab and you get the option to program your mouse as you like.



Change the background

Windows 7 allows you to completely customize your desktop to suit each of the many moods that you possess all the new Shuffle feature for your desktop.You can set the background of your desktop to “walk” on your favorite photos and background to change as often as much as you want. To enable this feature right-click your mouse on your desktop and select “Personalize” then “Desktop Background” Select the folder where are your favorite photos and choose as you like.Tick ​​”Shuffle” box and select how often you want your wallpaper to change. Get a simple way that your background will always be new, fresh and interesting.









Clean desktop , Immediately!!

You always had the ability to automatically adjust your desktop using auto-arrange option that you get when you right-click your mouse on the background of your desktop and then selecting “Sort By”, now Windows 7 makes it even easier. To adjust
your desktop according to your predefined settings simply press F5 and zadzhete typed. Immediately, I is aligned properly.