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Virtualization of computer systems – Next Generation of Information Technology

Virtualization Architecture concept

- Hardware independence – Virtual machines are completely independent from their physical hardware. For example, you can configure a virtual machine with virtual components (processor, RAM, network card, iSCSI initiator) that are totally different from hardware components present in the physical computer. Virtual machines that are installed on the same server and can be configured to work with different types of operating systems (Windows, Linux, etc..). When taken in combination encapsulation, compatibility and hardware independence, then it means that the virtual machine can literally be moved from one physical computer to another, without any change in drivers, operating system or applications. Hardware independence also means that you can make a heterogeneous mix of operating systems and applications on the same computer.

As a conclusion, virtualization of computer systems is an old idea in a new edition. With the progress of computer technology, the development of technology for hardware-assisted virtualization, the rise in power of today’s computers, virtualization of computer systems gets completely new dimensions. It undermines the concept of “one computer – one operating system” and push the boundaries in a way, the current point of view, you can not predict where they will go to all this. Virtualization introduces new standards in IT management in the design and performance of future computer networks.

Like any new technology, and this has its drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is its complexity. It is true that it is easier to maintain virtualized computing infrastructure, but it is also true that the implementation of such infrastructure is difficult to perform, especially for those employed in the IT departments who do not have proper training. This means you need deep training and education for this technology, as well as highly educated IT personal. The virtualization software is quite complex, meaning that it is subject to errors. From a company producing software virtualization admit it is harder to make such software than to make a new operating system.

Virtualization of large companies can provide great savings and easier management of IT infrastructure. But small users have great benefit also. Now each of us can, at home, to be a system administrator on your own computer network, the administrator account on the server and all the expense of a computer. This was impossible in the past, but today is available to anyone who wants to learn and build.

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