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How to Install Android in Virtualbox as a virtual machine

android on virtual box

How to Install Android in Virtualbox as a virtual machine

You want to run Android on your PC? Android-x86 project transferred x86 Android platform from ARM. Android-x86 can be installed on netbooks with supported hardware, but can also be installed Android in VirtualBox as virtual machine.

Amazon Web Services – Cloud Service

Amazon Cloud web service

Mighty Amazon - Cloud Service 

Amazon are literally a cloud before the cloud. The story begins way back in 2002. year, when Amazon offered at that time rarely seen services to its partners in the core business (B2B web services for publishers and authors), but it has today cloud like forms only 2006th year. A great leader Jef Bezos realized is that the company has developed a vast infrastructure that would be, especially in times of crisis, you could hire a third party and thus complement its main activity. Of course, the official story is that he was always such a thing in mind and that is the supreme goal of all liberate businesses from taking care of the infrastructure and the technical details, which brings us to know exactly what the cloud is still used today.

Benefits of Virtualized IT Infrastructure

Server Virtualization 4

Consolidation of servers

One of the main advantages of virtualization is consolidation of servers, ie, less servers as physical machines are  able to do the same thing. This means direct cost savings in IT sector as the initial costs and maintenance costs. If you perform the virtualization server existing potential, it means you have one or more servers for redundancy the same number of applications. Redundancy of servers can be used to increase the number of applications. It should be noted that for each installation of an application, whether installed in a virtual or non-virtual environment, you will need to obtain a license, because virtualized application must have its own license.

Virtualization of computer systems – Next Generation of Information Technology

Virtualization Architecture concept

In information technology, where only the hardware of the computer “exist” in the real world, and the overall software is an abstract concept, the more difficult it is to explain the term “virtual”. In practice, a virtual machine or virtual computer is a computer that doesn’t reside on physical hardware, with all the drivers and system files needed for,but rather as some kind of file, that communicate with physical hardware trough thin layer of software – called hypervisor.

Virtualization becomes practice for large companies, and slowly nocking on  the door of the small and medium enterprises. It achieves significant savings in hardware resources and the long term and save electricity. It allows easier administration of IT infrastructure, and shorter time to raise overall system if there is a disaster.