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Video that reveals the Look of Windows 9

Windows 9 concept Mix the Aero Effects and Longhorn Sidebar Feature

Although the first screen shots from Windows 9 already leaked, now appear more detail Video that reveals the Look  of the new operating system from Microsoft – Windows 9. This version of Windows 9 reportedly named the Windows Technical Preview and users should be available for installation by the end of this month or early next month.

Windows 9 will obviously have new Taskbar, and other parts of the interface adapted to the new Microsoft philosophy, that of the Modern UI, (Metro) interface that met in Windows 8.

Windows 9 first look

Also, there will be virtual desktops and Metro applications will be able to hover over the desktop, with the addition of tools for searching, sharing and settings. We can see new icons and adapted to the new interface. Many probably will like comeback of the Start menu.

Of course, this is only the first information about the new look of Windows, so no doubt the final version will have many more.

VIDEO that reveals the Look of Windows 9:

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