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Useful Windows Networking Commands and Tips-netsh, net use, route print, netstat, DNS TTL and more

windows networking tips and commands





5 – To quickly open a port on the firewall, run this command, with this you will change the name, protocol, and port to suit. This example opens syslog:

netsh firewall set portopening udp 161 syslog enable all

6 – To add an entry to your routing table that will be permanent, run the route add command with the –p option. Without this switch, the entry will be lost at next reboot:

route add mask –p

( this numbers are random, you write IP addresses and subnet mask by your need ).

7 – To Quickly generate a text summary information of your system ( along with CPU type, RAM memory, OS info and more..), run this command:

systeminfo | more

systeminfo command prompt

8 – You can add a | findstr value to watch for only a specific connection, like a client IP address or port:

netstat –ano | findstr

9 – Here’s a simple way to see all open network connections, refreshing every 3 seconds:

netstat –ano 3

10 – You can use the shutdown command to shutdown or reboot a machine ( depending on switch you use ) , including your own machine , in a simple scheduled task like this:

shutdown –r –t 0 –m \\localhost

11 – TIP – Set a short lease on DHCP scopes that service laptops, and set Microsoft Option 002 in the DHCP Scope options to release a DHCP lease on shutdown. This helps to ensure your scope is not exhausted and that this Laptops machines can easily get on another network when the move to a new site.

12 – To make DNS changes go faster, reduce the TTL setting on the DNS records you plan on changing to 60 seconds the day before changes are to be made. You can set the TTL back to normal ( or default value ) after you confirm the changes have been successful.

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