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Useful Windows Networking Commands and Tips-netsh, net use, route print, netstat, DNS TTL and more

windows networking tips and commands

In this article will be presented couple of very useful Windows networking Commands and tips that are helpful for everyday administrative task and issues ( besides most common windows commands for everyday use ). Most of them network administrators use very frequently ( net use, netstat… ), some of them in rare situations ( netsh, route print… ), but very effective in solving complex networking issues. Of course they are started from Command Prompt ( most effective when Command Prompt is started with Option Run as Administrator – Right Click on Command Prompt -from Accessories Program Group, and Run as Administrator). So let’s start.

1 – Quickly reset your NIC ( Network Interface Controller ), back to DHCP settings with no manual settings, run this command:

netsh int ip reset all

2 – You can see all network connections ( marked with Drive letters ) your client has open, run this command:

net use

net use command

optionaly when you want to connect some network share as network drive run this command

net use H: \\ComputerName\Share ( Where ComputerName is host name or IP address of the computer that has shared folder named Share )

for more options type in command prompt net use /?

3 – To see your routing table, run either of these commands:

route print

netstat -r

4 – You Need to run a trace, but don’t have Netmon or Wireshark, and are not allowed to install either one? Run this command:

netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=c:\CaptureLog.etl

netsh trace stop

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