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Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy


There are countless reasons why you’d used the Android emulator. You might want to test this ANDROID OS if you are a user of iOS or Windows Phone, or you are not sure whether to install the new version of Android on your mobile device so you want to try. Even simply want to play a game on a larger screen, now Andy can offer it all. So you can now Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy. Andy brought down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, whereas it maintains the user up to date with the latest updates to the Android operating system. The version currently used is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This emulator will allow you unlimited storage capacity, it’s PC and MAC compatible and gives freedom to play the most popular mobile games on your desktop computer.

Windows 9 Concept Features-Redesigned Taskbar

windows 9 concepts Logo

Windows 9 is expected to be released sometime in spring 2015, but designers are already creating concepts imagining the upcoming operating system Windows 9 – code name Threshold. Windows 9 Concept Features-Redesigned Taskbar is included also. As you can see in this concept , people pretty much expect Microsoft to bring major improvements to the desktop as well, including a revised taskbar and maybe desktop widgets.  The designer has used larger icons and full transparent taskbar, which means that you can’t even see it on the desktop.

Windows 9-called Threshold shows reborn Start menu and Metro apps running on the Desktop

Windows 9 logo

If you do not want to give up Windows 7, the next Microsoft operating system “Threshold”, or Windows 9 is appropriate for you. Windows 9-called Threshold shows reborn Start menu and Metro apps running on the Desktop. Microsoft confirmed that already working on the next generation of Windows-Windows 9 (code name Threshold). The focus of the new operating system Windows 9 is looking to corporate functions and easily create applications that run on a multitude of different screens. For example, typical applications for tablets will work just as successfully on TV. Meanwhile, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner explained that the next version of Windows will be based entirely on user feedback.

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP Search and Indexing Features Tips-Turn off indexing and Speed Up Windows

windows search indexing

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP Search and Indexing Features Tips-Turn off indexing and Speed Up Windows. Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows XP also have a Search feature that allows to quickly search files on your computer. Windows Search Service creates and uses Index to perform fast searches trough computer disk. Sometimes this indexing option slow down computer speed, especially windows start up time. That why sometimes is necessery  to configure Windows Search and indexing feature to get best of it, and even sometimes to turn off indexing and speed up Windows.

How to Write Protect the USB Flash Drive

usb flash drive write protect

Today it becomes necessary for users to make USB flash drives write protected, to prevent viruses and malware programs to infiltrate and write on the USB drives,  and than to been copied on other computers and infect other machines. Viruses often use USB flash drives as transport medium to infect other computers and to do many hacking tricks, they copy itself on USB Flash Drives, wait USB to be plugged on different computer , and than to infiltrate and infect the computer .  Of course, there are many third party software vendors that prevent malware programs to infect computer when USB is plugged in the computer.  But here we will talk about simple way How to Write Protect the USB Flash Drive and vise versa, as well as How to format the USB drive which is Write-Protected.

How to Set up Parental Controls for Windows 7 and Family Safety on Windows 8

Set up Parental Controls in windows

Although the Internet is a great tool for education, reading useful things and place for hanging out with friends,  it is a dangerous place full of inappropriate content that is not recommended for young children. Here we present simple guidelines for parents who want their children to have a safe Internet experience by including Parental Controls feature for Windows operating systems. So let see How to Set up Parental Controls for Windows 7 and Family Safety on Windows 8.

Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages

Windows 8.1 feature good and not good features

Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages. Unlike previous editions of the desktop operating system Windows 8 face many controls available after year. Every time a company makes drastic changes in Windows gets disappointing reviews from users. The same thing happened with Windows 8. Microsoft is faced with a difficult situation after the launch of Windows 7. Struggling for relevance in the field of mobile devices, the company has tried to fill the gap in its portfolio by adding a touch friendly desktop interface of Windows.