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Windows Server 2012 – System for the Cloud

windows server 2012

Server operating system for the cloud

It is pointless to even discuss how the Modern UI / Windows 8 Style (formerly Metro) awkwardly transposed and the server platform, simply because real men and administrators will install a server with GUI components, but will use the Core installation option. Core installation is now setting the initial installation, and without a second thought if you just click the Next button, you will end up with a command line as a control mechanism server. But no need to despair . If you really want to GUI components, they can be retrofitted to install and no need to reinstall the server from scratch as in the previous version. Also, there are always at your disposal tools for remote management and, ultimately, the application Remote Desktop  . Of course, as a true administrator, you will need to decide on a Core installation and use of the command line as a tool for management of the server, or to use the new version of PowerShell .