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How to repair Windows 8 and Windows 10 bootloader on UEFI system

Repair UEFI bootloader-Windows8-advanced option-command-prompt

In certain situations like installing dual boot with second OS, or cloning Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1) installed with UEFI mode,  corruption of the Windows 8 bootloader can occur.
It can be caused by some reasones like failure recovering os somethnig like that. If the bootloader in Windows 8 installed on UEFI system is corupted, it’s not posible to start the system. Blue screen apear with following error:

Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages

Windows 8.1 feature good and not good features

Windows 8.1-Improvements and disadvantages. Unlike previous editions of the desktop operating system Windows 8 face many controls available after year. Every time a company makes drastic changes in Windows gets disappointing reviews from users. The same thing happened with Windows 8. Microsoft is faced with a difficult situation after the launch of Windows 7. Struggling for relevance in the field of mobile devices, the company has tried to fill the gap in its portfolio by adding a touch friendly desktop interface of Windows.

Windows 8.1 first look review-officially introduced by Microsoft

Windows 8.1 review

Microsoft released the latest upgrade of its operating system Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is available for free for upgrade for all customers who bought Windows 8 operating system for PC and tablet computers, and can be installed directly on Windows 7, but you should buy. Windows 8.1 was introduced with rich functionalities , which gives users the option to set the device according to the way of life at work, home or when on the move. With the announcement of Windows 8.1 , Microsoft added more customization, more background colors and different sizes of “live tiles” or tiles that represent applications and web sites, you can now create web pages side by side, there are new keyboard shortcuts, and also multi-tasking is enhanced with the ability to open up to 4 applications side by side at the same time. System Requirements for Windows 8.1 how ever are very similar to Windows 8.