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How to Enable the Administrator Account on Windows 7,8, or Vista

windows 7 administrator account logon screen logo

In Windows versions 7, 8 or Vista People  asking about what happened to default built-in administrator account. If this account still exist, and how can users access it, and to log on with administrator account.? Well question is How to Enable the Administrator Account on Windows 7,8, or Vista ? This account is created after installation of windows 7,8 or Vista. But for security reasons , it is disabled by default. If you want to troubleshoot something that need to run as administrator,  you can enable this account with couple of commands.

Windows XP support end in april 2014, what you need to know

Windows XP end of support April 2014

Windows XP support end will be on April 8, 2014. Windows xp end of life is near, and after couple of extended support, it looks like that this deadline is final. Because Windows XP i still widely used, in this article will explain what to do next. Windows XP is also second-most popular windows system after Windows 7. Windows XP support end in 2009, but extended support is still continuing. Security patches and hot fixes for Windows XP are still creating. Microsoft still write security patches and send them via Windows Update service.

How to create VPN (Virtual Private Network) Connection in Windows 7 and Windows 8

VPN connection feature

Many times need to connect to organisation where they work, to do some extra work, or some users in their job descriptions have instance that they can work from home. for that reason Network administrators can set up VPN infrastructure  ( with Radius Authentication ) and Active directory authentication to control remote VPN access, and users need to create at their home computers VPN connection to connect remotely on their work computers to do what they need to do.

Simple Windows Tips and Commands for Administrators-net user,keyboard shortcuts,windows screen shoot and more

Windows 7 and Windows 8 tips and tricks

Do you want to enable local administrator account on Windows 7, or you want to start some program quickly as possible, or you want to use some NOT very known Windows feature, this post is right place for you, here you can find some useful tips and commands for every day working with Windows ( many of this features work on Windows 7 as well as on Windows 8).

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7 that make your working faster plus Windows Logo Key Shortcuts

windows logo keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7

Many times you need to work faster and more efficient while typing some document. and sometimes is disturbing when you must move your hands from keyboard and do some actions with mouse. Sometimes is more quickly to do some action while your hand are on keyboard with few action on keyboard keypads, that can be more faster than grabbing your mouse and do first right click than left click.

So here is some Keyboard shortcuts in Windows 7 that help you work with your computer and make your working faster.

How to configure Alternate IP address in Windows 7 and what is serving for

Alternate IP Address configuration Image

Many times computer stuff need to set Alternate IP address. So here will talk about How to configure Alternate IP address in Windows 7 and what is serving for. Alternate IP Address – What Is serving for? An alternate IP address is the address that is specified manually on a client computer, and serving  as a reserve IP address for computers that receives IP address from the DHCP server. When client computer does not receive IP address from DHCP server, than it use alternate IP address settings, to communicate with computers that have IP addressing settings in that subnet, that is configured in alternate IP address pane.