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Windows XP support end in april 2014, what you need to know

Windows XP end of support April 2014

Windows XP support end will be on April 8, 2014. Windows xp end of life is near, and after couple of extended support, it looks like that this deadline is final. Because Windows XP i still widely used, in this article will explain what to do next. Windows XP is also second-most popular windows system after Windows 7. Windows XP support end in 2009, but extended support is still continuing. Security patches and hot fixes for Windows XP are still creating. Microsoft still write security patches and send them via Windows Update service.

Virtualization of computer systems – Next Generation of Information Technology

Virtualization Architecture concept

In information technology, where only the hardware of the computer “exist” in the real world, and the overall software is an abstract concept, the more difficult it is to explain the term “virtual”. In practice, a virtual machine or virtual computer is a computer that doesn’t reside on physical hardware, with all the drivers and system files needed for,but rather as some kind of file, that communicate with physical hardware trough thin layer of software – called hypervisor.

Virtualization becomes practice for large companies, and slowly nocking on  the door of the small and medium enterprises. It achieves significant savings in hardware resources and the long term and save electricity. It allows easier administration of IT infrastructure, and shorter time to raise overall system if there is a disaster.