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28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 2)


It this article I will continue from Previous post with the tips that are useful trough every day working with Windows, here they are:

Tip 8 – Make System Repair Disk

Before you make any significant change of the system, it is smart move to make rescue plan in case things going wrong. That means you should make CD or DVD for system repair ( other useful method is to do system restore point, but that is another story ), which provide first aid in case system to go down and won’t start. Lucky, in Windows 7 this action is more like trivial thing. Click on Start Button, in search field type repair and Choose System Repair Disc. Follow the instructions and record it on CD or DVD. Don’t forget to write on it that it is System Repair Disk, and on which date it is made. If you make some hardware upgrade to the system or change some applications don’t forget to make new version of the System Repair Disc.