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Disk Encryption – Basic Concepts

Drive Encryption

Disk Encryption – Basic Concepts.  Encryption is something  that is very little known to ordinary people, if you study computer science, you have already pass this lecture. However,  this topic is not so complicated if you spend a little time reading about this. Contrary to this is the decryption of data, specifically “cracking encrypted data“, which is really popular job due to the inability to produce a universal software for this purpose.

Disk Partitioning-System, Boot Partition and File systems ( NTFS, FAT, EXT2)

Disk Partitions

Disk Partitioning -This article deals with the problem of sharing hard drives to one or more partitions. Why is it necessary to partition (divide) hard disk?Unpartition disk is unusable . To the hard drive contained an operating system such as Microsoft Windows, it must be partition in some way. To some extent there is an advantage to have multiple partitions, it is possible to manipulate data so that in the event of a system crash, data can be preserved, or maybe you have need for installation of the multiple operating systems on one computer.

28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 3)

Control panel

And again here are the tips of the day, for everyday day working with the Windows OS ( especially Windows7):

Tip 15 – Unobtrusive Windows Update

One of the more important thing that keep Operating System in good health is regular downloading of updates. But this sometimes is very difficult and annoying. That’s way in Updates configuration choose Download updates but let me choose whether to install them. To get to this option click on Windows Button and type Windows update. On this way you can do the update on the end of the working day, instead of restarting computer in the middle of work.