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How to Post status to Facebook and Google+ at the Same Time


Search for ways to sync Facebook and Google+ is on… With Google+ we get plus another place to post status and to be active and online, but thanks to the persistence of some users there is way to do the job simpler and do the trick when posting statuses, to post status on the facebook and google+ at the same time. This can be made from mobile browser.

GOOGLE Advanced Internet Browsing–Reloaded

google advanced searching

Google – Fu ( mastership of browsing ). It is no difficult to query Google, the problem often is to find what you need. All skill lies in several tricks and rules for writing to memorize. In the previous article we talk about possibilities that Google has , for advanced searching trough internet. Here we continue to review tips and tricks how to get maximum from internet browsing using Google search engine. Option with language, for example, allows us to write words on our language, and searching will give us results on our language. If we want to get results from some country, or any part of the world, then we choose desired region. Date is one of the favorite possibilities that offer Google advanced searching. With date we reduce time range of the results and we can get information from last month, week or year.

How to do Advanced Internet Browsing with GOOGLE search engine

google search

Advanced Internet Browsing with Google search engine. Today internet allows fast and easy access to content to any web sites trough web search engines like Google or Bing. Web Search is key component that move all internet universe. Only small million times we search on www.google.com for any subject. Our goal on internet is to get what we want, access to some information ( data ), which is written in digital form.That digital entry is translated by web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,Opera, Safari etc, on visual attractive way. Because we deal with complex digital data, all that material must be process on many ways. Such algorithm by now has Google, but that is changing. Google also will get competition with  other web search engines.