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Useful Windows Networking Commands and Tips-netsh, net use, route print, netstat, DNS TTL and more

windows networking tips and commands

In this article will be presented couple of very useful Windows networking Commands and tips that are helpful for everyday administrative task and issues ( besides most common windows commands for everyday use ). Most of them network administrators use very frequently ( net use, netstat… ), some of them in rare situations ( netsh, route print… ), but very effective in solving complex networking issues. Of course they are started from Command Prompt ( most effective when Command Prompt is started with Option Run as Administrator – Right Click on Command Prompt -from Accessories Program Group, and Run as Administrator). So let’s start.

OpenDNS – Reliable DNS service


Open DNS – Reliable DNS service tailored by your need. Always when you type in your web browser you favorite web site, web client ( Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox ) will consult primary DNS server which is configure in IP addressing setup, about which IP address corresponds to web address that you type, to address to the server where looked web page reside.  Competent DNS server is usually  one that is DNS on your internet service provider, that usually done his job. But sometimes happend that this DNS server is slow or unreachable,  and leave us in situation that we do not have internet access.