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iPhone 6-Composed of parts assembled and Unofficial video

iphone 6 white logo

Unofficial video was released from the iPhone 6 composed of parts assembled. As you know, iPhone 6 should be represented in exactly one week,  on 9 September. Although his presentation is not officially announced, Apple started sending out invitations to an event of this day, which is enough to expect the new model. Unofficial information, pictures and videos come out every day, so we could say it is good that there are less than a week after that will see the latest model from Apple, something that always attracts attention. The number of unofficial information is great, so we choose those we think are interesting and worth to be published.

How to Protect your iPhone from hackers in several steps

protect your iPhone from hackers

The past week has been posted many photos of celebrities. These photos were taken from the iPhone Smartphones of victims illegally by hackers. “Apple” is involved in the case. Until then, here are some steps that can protect your photos, whether they are simple pictures of yourself or family or more intimate. So let’s see How to Protect your iPhone from hackers in several steps.