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Smarty Ring Gadget-control your Smartphone on your finger

smarty ring feature

Imagine a ring that you get messages on it, get notifications and get status posts from social networks status , listen to music, and even receive calls. And, available for $ 175. In case you want to own such a smart ring, you can order online, but must wait until April 2014.  You think that’s funny?  Well maybe you’re right. But we found a useful application of such gadgets. For Example, It will remind him of important dates, especially on important anniversaries  :) .  Especially effective for users that look at their phones every 6-10 minutes. That is many times users look at phone daily. This Smarty Ring ( smartyring.com ) saves time at looking at as well as battery life.

This is the one of the first gadgets of this kind at the moment, and comes with very attractive design.

smarty ring design

Have you ever missed social network updates ( for example Facebook notifications ), because you didn’t notice your Phone vibration? This Smarty ring won’t let you miss a thing, you can remotely control your phone, and never miss a call, alarm, message, tweet, and things like that.

Smarty ring free you from searching phone in your pockets and bag for new notification. It’s technology Bluetooth 4.0  let you get updates in real time, It give you the possibility for incoming and outgoing calls, Text and E-mail messages Alerts, Real time updates form social networks ( Facebook, Twitter, Skype…). Smarty Ring let you to control your phone without eve touch it. Allows operations like: Accept or reject incoming calls, Trigger Camera, Make outgoing calls to preset numbers, Control Music that you listening, etc.

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