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Simple Windows Tips and Commands for Administrators-net user,keyboard shortcuts,windows screen shoot and more

Windows 7 and Windows 8 tips and tricks

Tip  - To be able to quickly launch an application as an administrator    (without the mouse right-click and run as administrator), type the name of the application in the Programs and files search field and then press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

Also here are some tips and tricks that you can use without using commercial software:

Tip – You can make quick screen shoot of what you doing on your computer desktop to show something hot to be done. The Problem Steps Recorder can create an MHTL file that show what you were doing on your computer by capturing screen every time you take some action.

Click on the Start button and type psr on the search field to pen the Problem Steps Recorder.

Problem Steps Recorder-psr

Tip – You can  burn a disc with isoburn.exe tool. This tool can burn ISO and IMG files.

You can right click a file and select burn, or launch the program from the command line where you need to select disc burner drive:

isoburn windows command tool


Windows 7 include also a screen scraping tool called the Snipping Tool.

Very useful program that you can find in windows accessories, with some basic options to capture screen snapshoot and edit image with basic features.

Tip – Download bootable security scanner from Microsoft web site that will run on USB memory stick.

This is very useful if there is some suspect that computer has a virus.

Bonus Tip – You can install Cloud Storage Dropbox , where you create folder and save all your command line tools and scripts, add that folder to your path in environment variables ( Control Panel- System – Advanced System Settings- environment variables ) , and make them accessible from command line accross any other machine that you have.

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