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Simple Windows Tips and Commands for Administrators-net user,keyboard shortcuts,windows screen shoot and more

Windows 7 and Windows 8 tips and tricks

Do you want to enable local administrator account on Windows 7, or you want to start some program quickly as possible, or you want to use some NOT very known Windows feature, this post is right place for you, here you can find some useful tips and commands for every day working with Windows ( many of this features work on Windows 7 as well as on Windows 8).So let’s get start:

After Windows 7 ( and Windows 8 )  installation   you can noticed that local administrator account is disabled by default. User that is created due to the installation is also in administrator groups. But sometime every day administrative task need to be done with default administrator account, which need to be enabled. You can run this command from an administrative command prompt:

net user administrator * /active:yes

Same thing can be done during installation by pressing SHIFT-F10 at the screen where you set your initial user password:

install windows 7 shift f10 option


Also Windows 7  supports several useful  keyboard shortcuts ( most of them as well as on Windows 8 ), like this:

Windows Key+G  -  Display gadgets in front of other windows

Windows Key+ + (plus key) - Zoom in, where appropriate

Windows Key+ – (minus key) - Zoom out, where appropriate

Windows Key+Up Arrow - Maximize the current window

Windows Key+Down Arrow - Minimize the current window

Windows Key+Left Arrow - Snap to the left hand side of the screen

Windows Key+Right Arrow - Snap to the right hand side of the screen

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