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Simple Tips for Secure Passwords


Nowadays all use a lot of services (e-mails, blogs, forums etc..) Which require us using the username and password. The average Internet user can have more than 5 usernames and passwords for daily use. In order to protect your privacy and to be a little sure your passwords will be revealed in an easy manner of hackers observe the following steps:

1. Use different passwords for each particular service you use.
2. When creating new user names Create passwords that you have used before
3. Change your password often
4. Let your password at least 8 characters
5. Assemble password including numbers, letters and special characters
6. Do not use your name or phone number, address, city, etc.
7. Watch your password can not be a word that can be found in the dictionary
8. Do not use the name of your pet as password (This made Paris Hilton and guess what happened …)
9. Do not use the following passwords in any case:

* Administrator, admin …
* Root or r00t
* Hacker
* Password
* God
* letmein
* changeme
* email
* Love
* loveme
* monkey


*pass                                                                                                                                                    * sex
* Condom
* 123, 1235, 12345 or 654321 etc..
* secret
* Money
* Qwerty, qwerty123 …
* qweasdzxc
* qazwsxedc


It is important to remember that under no circumstances should you share your password with anyone, even if you are working for your boss or IT administrator. If this happens, immediately change the password at the earliest opportunity.

Your password treat it as one of the biggest secrets in your life.

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