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Protecting folders and files in Windows 7 with Password


Many people often ask how to protect folder with password. To do it just by using Windows is impossible without using encryption and pub keys and certificates. The problem is that this setting is very difficult especially if it is a portable drive (usb memory drive / usb hard disk drive), so even if you lose the Public key , files will disappear ( mostly vital and important documents that catches maybe even 100 GB ).

To do so, we will cover folders that contains files with password using software TrueCrypt.

So this will allow you to have a folder / file protected with password to mount the partition as (like with daemon tools). Must remind you that this is the simplest thing to protect, the program offers much more stronger encryption even hide whole partitions protected with 256-bit encryption. But the files do not need it, quite a good is only password. File which is in the partition / folder has no extension and no one even knows what it is.

1. Download TrueCrypt from here and run the installation. If you plan to use USB then select EXTRACT during installation to extract the USB, that is not to be installed in the computer.

true crypt1

2. Run the program by TrueCrypt.exe Click the Volumes menu and Create New Volume

true crypt2

3. In the next window select Create an encrypted file container. For those who want to experiment, you can encrypt an entire partition and even target drive. Here we will focus on first.

true crypt3

4. Next is Standard TrueCrypt Volume

true crypt4

5. Select Location to select location of the container (eg USB). Put any there and click Save, then Next.

 true crypt5

6. In this dialog box select the first AES in lower RIPEMD-160. This is the weakest encryption, but the fastest. It is the right thing when push the drive not to stiff transfers CPU, hard drive it. However, the encryption is strong enough, too. Click Next.

true crypt6

7. Here we choose what will be the partition / container. I will do 100 megabytes for this tutorial purpose, but it can be as much free space you have on usb drive. Click Next.

true crypt7

8. Here we put the drive password. Mind in the head, or write something that will not forget. If you lose, good bye with data. If necessary for the advanced users can turn on and Keyfiles, certificates and related stuff, but in case not absolutely necessary. Click Next.

true crypt8

9. Here are generating the key. No need now as well, Move the mouse within the window about ten seconds, select FAT or NTFS drive to be (FAT partition receive files with a maximum size to 4 gigabytes to know) click Format. Here we are waiting now depending on how Giga / Mega are chosen.

true crypt9

10. Once finished click OK and Next and extinguished the window. The drive is ready. To mount the play TrueCrypt.exe, clench Select File,

true crypt10

- I select the file previously created

true crypt11

Select the drive letter from the list above (in this case A)

true crypt12

- Click Mount and Password type it and press OK

true crypt13

And oops appears in My Computer just like any other drive / thumb drive. Do what you do when you finish go back to TrueCrypt and click dismount.

true crypt14

true crypt15

The drive will disappeared. Must remind you, while it is mounted encrypted container / drive, TrueCrypt must remain turned on. Itself alone gives Warning if you try to turn off while a drive is mounted.

 Hope that this will help you to protect files that ypu don’t want anyone to see it.

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