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Protect Twitter on mobile phone with double verification


Twitter announced a new update for iOS and Android application that comes with many new features, including a double verification and provides direct confirmation of login attempts from the mobile application, without the need for SMS messages. According to Twitter, safety should be the first place.

Here are the changes in the application:

- No need for a phone number. With the new push notifications need not leave a phone number and if you have multiple Twitter accounts can all be selected for verification.

Broad international support. Twitter for new verification no longer use supported mobile operators to send a double verification. For this all you need is an internet connection.

Reserve codes that generate the Twitter application can be saved and used in case if you do not have access to the phone.

More context. The program will present more details about the browser and the location of the origin requirements.


Despite improvements in security, a new application for iOS will improve startup performance. Searching has been improved for both platforms, and now the results have social context, ie you can see your connections to other users. Furthermore changed is the way browse through photos, and now search for images will be through a new gallery. Complete change in application can be seen on Google Play, or App Store.

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