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OpenDNS – Reliable DNS service


Open DNS – Reliable DNS service tailored by your need. Always when you type in your web browser you favorite web site, web client ( Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox ) will consult primary DNS server which is configure in IP addressing setup, about which IP address corresponds to web address that you type, to address to the server where looked web page reside.  Competent DNS server is usually  one that is DNS on your internet service provider, that usually done his job. But sometimes happend that this DNS server is slow or unreachable,  and leave us in situation that we do not have internet access.

Solution for this is called OpenDNS. Unlike classic DNS servers, on this DNS service there is large cache of IP address – Internet Domain Names  pairs, so very rare is happening that some web page can not be reached , and lookup to be forward to another DNS server. If you configure OpenDNS servers as your primary or secondary DNS server ( addresses are: (resolver1.opendns.com) and (resolver2.opendns.com) ), despite basic DNS lookup, there are another advanced functions that this service offer – like misspelling correctionphishing protection, and optional content filtering.

OpenDNS home page

First, all internet pages which are hostile to the user and has  intention to trick and to deceive some information from the user, here on this service are blocked. If you misspell and type wrong web page in your web client, you will be redirected to this correct web page, because OpenDNS keep this request in his cache, which is quite large.

If you are parent, network administrator or manager who does not allow access to some web site for fun in work time, you have opportunity to block certain internet locations not to be reached from your local network. As registered user on this internet  service, you have insight of traffic from your public IP address in past month, you can put shortcuts to  your favorite web sites, also DNSCrypt is an implementation of DNSCurve, which encrypts DNS traffic between the user’s computer and the OpenDNS name servers, etc.

This is why network administrators that does not have reliable internet  service provider for DNS lookup, can set up in their public DNS settings as secondary ( or maybe as primary DNS server ) one of the OpenDNS DNS servers .