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Online Video and Audio Services – Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Last.fm, Grooveshark, Spotify and more

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Online Video Services – Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more

Youtube - Would be simply illogical if not start this list with king of online video services. Again, owned by Google, maybe not the most opportunities, but it is the most stable video service and has the largest community around. Starting from home videos through advertising, music videos, to the promotional clips of political candidates worldwide. The Youtube has something for everyone. The web’s largest video site has everything from free full episodes of TV series to full-length pay-per-view movies. While YouTube’s massive collection of little home videos gets a lot of attention, it’s a hotbed for original series, music videos, amateur filmmaking, and so much content that you’ll never get through it all. Almost every internet connected device can stream YouTube videos, making it a natural first choice for screens of all sizes.

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Netflix - Netflix offers streaming video to every major game console, tons of set-top boxes, your desktop and laptop, your mobile phone, and even some internet-connected TVs. Netflix completely revolutionized the DVD rental space. Between Netflix Instant streaming video and their disc-by-mail service, there’s a way for every subscriber to get the TV shows and movies they want to see, any way they want to see them.

Featuring one of the largest streaming content libraries , and capturing subscribers by the millions, Netflix is one of the big players in the streaming media space. Over the last few years, the company has exerted more of its energy and resources into becoming the most visible subscription streaming service.

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Amazon Video – Amazon’s video store didn’t get too much attention when it launched, but has slowly but surely gained traction over the years because of its expansive on-demand video catalog and low prices. Amazon first launched its media download service, then known as Amazon Unbox, as a way to compete with iTunes and Microsoft’s pre-Zune digital storefront. That service failed, in part because the DRM was annoying, it didn’t support connected devices and portable device support was limited. The service’s catalog of streaming HD content doesn’t hurt matters either.

amazon instant videoAmazon Video On Demand has been much more successful, and by shifting from downloading to streaming, Amazon can offer a better selection of film and television content to rent or own. Taking a cue from Netflix, Amazon has also partnered with a growing list of multimedia device makers to include support for its service on television sets, Blu-ray players , set-top boxes, and DVRs. From recent released movies to re-mastered TV shows, you can buy and watch in moments thanks to Amazon Instant Video.

Hulu - Hulu made a name for itself by bringing entire TV shows out of the archives and putting them on the Internet for everyone to see. It didn’t stop there, Hulu has signed content providers like the Criterion Collection, launched Hulu Plus for even more streaming video and episodes of popular shows, and more. When Hulu first hit the scene back in 2007, many derided at the idea that streaming TV shows in a web browser could work. If you ask Hulu’s backers -  NBC Universal, Disney , News Corp, and Providence Equity Partners — it’s possible Hulu has worked too well. HuluPlus was conceived as a way to not only monetize Hulu, but also provide a better selection of catalog content and official support for mobile devices, televisions and set-top boxes.

DailymotionEuropean leader in video content created by users. With origins in France, hence the francophone groups and users dominate. However, if a video you fail to find the Youtube, look at this video service, maybe you will find video here, as filters here work loose.

Audio Online Services – Last.fm, Spotify, Grooveshark and more

Last.fm – The largest and most developed social network based on music. With many different offers: custom radio, RSS support and countless levels in connect with other members of the audio community. There’s a lot to like about Last.Fm – first of all it’s free, features unlimited track skipping, has no audio ads and commercials, and offers a rich social networking experience. The Slacker Radio gives users deeper customization options, and a much tighter, intuitive interface, but if connecting with others and gathering event information is vital, Last.FM is a quite good.


Spotify - Spotify has long been one of the most popular streaming music services across the world, and the service’s certainly earned it some fans. Streaming music service Spotify that has finally reached the U.S and it looks pretty good. Spotify has excellent audio, easy playlist formation, and over 15 million tracks as a music library, free and tiered premium plans ($4.99/month for Unlimited and $9.99/month for Premium,) and support for most major desktop and mobile operating systems. Plus its wide userbase, partnership with Facebook, and growing popularity mean you’ll likely be able to find what you want to hear. But it refused to play WMA tracks , and it doesn’t offer a curated streaming audio experience. However, this audio services is one of the top audio services worlwide.


Grooveshark - Grooveshark is another of our favorite streaming services. Completely free, unless you want mobile access, Grooveshark boasts a huge library of uploaded songs by users , mashups, remixes, and lot more. The service makes it incredibly easy to handle, type in a song you want to hear, and click play to just hear it, no accounts needed, strings, or payment plans . Grooveshark features quality audio, strong social networking, the ability to upload MP3 files and rewind tracks, making it one of the most unique streaming music services available today. You’ll have to pay for the desktop player (essentially an AIR version of the site) and the mobile app ($6/month for removes ads, $9/month for Anywhere adds the mobile app,) but if you have playlists and friends using Grooveshark, it may be worth it. A variety of mobile apps ensure that you’ll be able to listen to your favorite songs on the go. Just Not on the iPhone.


MusicoveryAn intuitive interface that will make you spread your network in which interlocking solid number of audio tracks. You can choose music by the genre and the current mood. If you just want with a single click to listen to music according to your needs, musicovery is a solution that can satisfy you for a while.

Pandora Radio - Pandora was one of the first internet-radio services, able to propose songs to you based on songs that you’ve previously enjoyed. Pandora is still one of the most popular music discovery services available. It’s not music on-demand, as in you can’t request a specific song and hear it, but it does an unparalleled job at introducing you to new bands, artists, and songs you may like. The service is free, although ad-supported and with limited listening time and lower audio quality. Hardcore music fans may scoff at the 40 hours per month limitation levied upon the free version (especially when it’s ad-supported), but its deep customization options and decent sound quality make it worth a listen. Pay for Pandora One ($36/year) to remove ads, bump up the audio quality, and get unlimited listening, as well as a desktop player.