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One of The most useful Apps for Windows Phone-StatusTiles

App for windows phone status tiles

All of those who own and use apps with their Android or iOS smartphone know how easy and simple these devices can access to the shortcut menu that contained important adjustments and settings. Now users of Windows Phone 8 will have this opportunity thanks to the latest application, One of The most useful Apps for Windows Phone-StatusTiles.

StatusTiles similar to the notifications panel in Android or iOS Control Center, gives you quick access to the most important and most commonly used features such as activating Wi-Fi and cellular network, Bluetooth connection, the rotation of the screen, and it is important to note that all icons are officially labeled by Windows Phone 8.

status tiles useful apps for windows phone


Icons also coincide with the appearance of the initial menu that you use and can fit under other applications windows. StatusTiles is free to use and you can install it from the Windows Marketplace for any Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

status tiles useful windows phone app

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