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New Chrome for Android comes with integrated Google Translate


New Chrome for Android comes with integrated Google Translate

After upgraded the desktop version of Chrome, Google has announced the new version ( 28-th ) of Chrome for Android, which now has integrated Google Translate and support for reading websites full screen on tablet computers.

Google Translate on Android version works just like the desktop version, that after the first set language, Translate offers to translate all pages from any language that Google has a translation. But, as with the desktop version, the option that is incredibly useful, and can be very dull. If you have set your primary language is Spanish, then translation will appear on many of the sites you visit and which are in English. The solution of course is to set English as the primary language, and when you want to translate something in Spanish, French or some other language, click the button for translations and translate that content that does not understand.



The new version allows reading the full screen of tablet PCs, ie the upper toolbar is gone so you have more space for text and content. This option is available for smart phones with the previous 27th edition.