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How to repair Windows 8 and Windows 10 bootloader on UEFI system

Repair UEFI bootloader-Windows8-advanced option-command-prompt

In certain situations like installing dual boot with second OS, or cloning Windows 8 (or Windows 8.1) installed with UEFI mode,  corruption of the Windows 8 bootloader can occur.
It can be caused by some reasones like failure recovering os somethnig like that. If the bootloader in Windows 8 installed on UEFI system is corupted, it’s not posible to start the system. Blue screen apear with following error:

Windows XP registry hack keep Security Updates for this out of date Operating system

how to get windows XP updates

Windows XP registry hack keep security updates rolling for this out of date Operating system. Windows XP support was ended in April 2014 with security updates. But sipmle trick with registry hack will let users to continue to get security updates. This hack thinking the system that is running Windows Embedded POSReady 2009, a variant of XP that is used by Cash registers and ATM’s. Those systems will keep getting security updates until 2019.

Top 10 things you should know and worth to mention about Windows 7


Here are the Top 10 things you should know and worth to mention about Windows 7:

1 – Application compatibility

The Windows Vista operating system introduced some changes down to the kernel level that made the OS inherently more secure than Windows XP was. However, this came at a cost; many applications and programs needed modification to function properly in a Windows Vista environment. While at this point in Windows Vista ( post Service Pack 1) most applications are now compatible, deploying Windows Vista into the desktop environment early on required some “heavy lifting”.

28 Tips that will make your Operating System Windows faster and more stable (Part 2)


It this article I will continue from Previous post with the tips that are useful trough every day working with Windows, here they are:

Tip 8 – Make System Repair Disk

Before you make any significant change of the system, it is smart move to make rescue plan in case things going wrong. That means you should make CD or DVD for system repair ( other useful method is to do system restore point, but that is another story ), which provide first aid in case system to go down and won’t start. Lucky, in Windows 7 this action is more like trivial thing. Click on Start Button, in search field type repair and Choose System Repair Disc. Follow the instructions and record it on CD or DVD. Don’t forget to write on it that it is System Repair Disk, and on which date it is made. If you make some hardware upgrade to the system or change some applications don’t forget to make new version of the System Repair Disc.

Here comes WINDOWS 10-How Will it look like and how to download WINDOWS 10?

Windows 10 presentation first screen feature logo

Here comes WINDOWS 10-How Will it look like and how to download WINDOWS 10?  Microsoft unveiled the new version of the operating system, Windows 10, and I believe that all at least for a second ask them self  ”What happened to the Windows 9?”.  It seems that Microsoft simply without a reason decide to skip it and directly Transferring the next OS Windows 10. Although the idea of  this might be to show that the iteration of the new OS is ready  and this time it is a completely new operating system.

Video that reveals the Look of Windows 9

Windows 9 concept Mix the Aero Effects and Longhorn Sidebar Feature

Although the first screen shots from Windows 9 already leaked, now appear more detail Video that reveals the Look  of the new operating system from Microsoft – Windows 9. This version of Windows 9 reportedly named the Windows Technical Preview and users should be available for installation by the end of this month or early next month.

Windows 9 Threshold say goodbye to Charms bar, say hello to Virtual Desktops

Windows 9 virtual desktops feature logo

Windows 9 Threshold say goodbye to Charms bar, say hello to Virtual Desktops . Windows 9, also called Threshold, all announcements should be available to users of next spring, with the possibility of a beta version by the end of this year. Microsoft will try to regain the popularity of its operating system with this version, so it will involve quite new and required functions, and will also exclude certain with low popularity. In one of the previous posts we read that in this version of Windows Start menu will be back in a new form, and that modern applications can be used in separate windows in the desktop environment.