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Linux for Beginners-What is Linux and GNU Linux and Linux compared to Windows?

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Linux for Beginners - This theme is designed for beginners, and is written so that it does not need for some kind of particular knowledge, especially when it comes to Linux. Basically we can say that we have written for someone who knows how to use Windows and technically gifted enough to know itself to install the software. We have also assumed that Linux will be installed independently on a blank disc. Although it is possible to configure a dual boot Windows and Linux, in practice it can often complicate and detailed explanation of the process is beyond the scope of our topic.

Couple of Useful Linux commands

Linux Command Feature

In this article will show some useful Linux commands. Because the benefits of Linux operating system most of all can be beneficial  using the command line, here will be shown several useful Linux commands, that  should use also and Linux beginners.

Here are couple of useful Linux commands and tips:

Linux GNU desktop environments


Unlike Windows users who have been served a single desktop, users of a GNU / Linux distribution have a choice in what kind of environment they want to work. There are simultaneously multiple desktops and user can change them from the login screen. Little explanation would be helpful, Linux is the kernel ( little piece of software ) which manages everything from memory managment to scheduling of processes and so on.