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Neck exercises-Stretching the neck

computer work neck pain

If you spend more than 4 hours on the computer, your neck probably hates you. You neck is in constant pain and just waiting for a chance to stack. Among other useful exercises for computer users, here are some exercises for neck stretching.  The exercises should be done in 3 series of 10 repetitions, at least once a day. Repeated alternately make the first left and the right.

How to deal creatively with old hardware


You have a bunch of dysfunctional and useless hardware, lush imagination and extra time? Yeah? Then it’s time to activate your artistic soul, to awaken your creativity and make something cool, useful and super fun.

Exercises for the office computer users-Stretches and Hand, Shoulder, Head and Neck Exercises

computer and desk stretches moves

Exercises for the office computer users – Stretches and Hand, Shoulder, Head and Neck Exercises

One of the biggest injury risk factors is static posture ( to avoid this try to use ergonomic tips for work environment ). Try to spend at least 5 minutes every hour away from your computer.  Remember to ONLY stretch to the point of mild tension.
Try to incorporate the stretches into your daily routine. This next slides provides some illustrations of simple active stretches to perform at the office.

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Users, Work Technique and Work Environment

Ideal ergonomic office feature

Ergonomic Tips for Computer Users

Ergonomics:   Study of how people physically interact with their work – fitting the job, the equipment and the work environment to the worker. Prolonged use of a computer keyboard and/or mouse can lead to frequent muscle aches and nerve pain unless a few guidelines are followed. You can work more comfortably and safely if you incorporate the following ergonomic tips into your work style.

Laptops vs Smartphones

Smartphones vs laptops





What style suits you!

Laptops or Smartphones

Apple Girls vs. Windows Girls

girl like apple featured

Who do you like more – Apple Girls Team A or Windows Girls Team B




Windows Girls vs. Linux Girls

Linux Ubuntu Girl


Let’s vote for Girls 

Windows Girls

or Linux Girls