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Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy


There are countless reasons why you’d used the Android emulator. You might want to test this ANDROID OS if you are a user of iOS or Windows Phone, or you are not sure whether to install the new version of Android on your mobile device so you want to try. Even simply want to play a game on a larger screen, now Andy can offer it all. So you can now Emulate Android on your desktop computer with Andy. Andy brought down the barrier between desktop and mobile computing, whereas it maintains the user up to date with the latest updates to the Android operating system. The version currently used is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This emulator will allow you unlimited storage capacity, it’s PC and MAC compatible and gives freedom to play the most popular mobile games on your desktop computer.

Android Secret Codes and Tips For Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG and other Android devices

Android Hidden Secret Codes

Popular practice among programmers is to leave some backdoors within the code. Which will allow someone with knowledge about that issue to get into  the system much deeper than ordinary user of the device. These backdoors allow the Programmer or OEM to get into the system for some system information, or for troubleshooting. These option can be very helpful if you know what you are doing. Smartphones, especially Phones with Android also have some secret Codes for some troubleshooting purpose. Smartphones like Samsung,  HTC, Sony, LG and other Android devices have secret codes. These numeric and symbolic sequences allow you to access hidden menus, diagnostics, test, options that could change most basic parameters of device.

Android is the king of mobile devices, but also King of malicious software

Android King of the smartphone

Android is the King of mobile devices, but also King of malicious software. Android – Google’s operating system has won the global mobile market with now over 81 percent performance, or 211.6 million Android phones shipped in the third quarter of 2013. Competitive iOS had a slight decline of 12.9 percent with 33.8 million devices shipped, followed by Windows Phone with 3.6 percent and 0.6 percent with BlackBerry. Although with noticeable saturation in sales, however the market of smart phones increased by 39.9 percent. According to analysts , Android manages to rule the market because of Google’s strategy to work with different producers and vendors who continually publish new smart devices that run the Android platform and Android apps. But although Android going forward , most manufacturers are struggling with sales . Samsung is overwhelmingly the most powerful of that market with 39.9 percent of the total shipments of Android phones , while others are single digits .

Easy Methods to Hack your Facebook account by Phishing and how to prevent

facebook user login

There are couple of Easy Methods to Hack your Facebook account by Phishing and how to prevent. Regardless of how the Internet is  interesting and useful, there is always a danger that can give you a headache .  Such is the case with the popular social network Facebook.  Users must be careful about their passwords NOT to be hacked. There is some ways what you must do when this happen, but you must NOT allow this kind of situation. 

CAUTION! New big fraud on Facebook! Beware of the double friends!

facebook account hackers

 CAUTION! New big fraud on Facebook! Beware of the double friends! If you arrive a Facebook friendship request from someone who is already your friend, be careful, because it is most likely to be a new Internet scam. The most popular social network Facebook spreads new scam whereby internet “thieves” can steal your password and user account, hacked to your computer and mess up your life in many ways.

COOL Youtube tricks and features you need to see

youtube tips and tricks

Given the popularity it has as one of the most used online  Video Service, you probably use YouTube daily.  But if you know the tricks that this video service has, it makes it more interesting?  If you want to discover what it is, read this article and you can find COOL  Youtube tricks nad features you need to see, and much interesting and amusing tricks that youtube service offers.

Facebook Launches new Trending Feature that finds the most popular Topics

facebook trending topics logo

Facebook is following the Twitter footsteps, will soon introduce a feature that will be available to all users. Facebook Launches new Trending Feature that finds the most popular Topics, so they will be able to see which topics are most talk about of the social network . This new Facebook feature is still not available to all customers . Suggested topics that are most talked on the social network will take into account the personal interests of a particular user .