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Interesting Facebook Statistics you should know to help make your Facebook Page more interesting

Facebook statistics facts

5 - The posts with questions are getting 100% more comments.

If comments are interaction that you want, then questions can be a great way to attract comments. According to “Kissmetrics” they get 100% more than ordinary post comments. So ask the question to your fans about some subject, people like to be involved into discussion,

Interesting facebook stats question post get more comments


6 – 35% of Facebook fans likes the certain Facebook Page to be able to participate in competitions.

If your Facebook page need fans, competitions and games are a great way to attract them.  One study showed that 35% of Facebook fans like Facebook pages so they can compete in the contest. So put some question post on you Facebook page for your fans to make them compete.

7 – 42% fans likes FB page to get coupons and discounts.

According to “Socially Stacked”, 42% of Facebook fans likes Facebook Pages to get some coupon or discount. So if you can do so, start some campaign on facebook page.

Interesting facebook stats campaign entries

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