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Interesting Facebook Statistics you should know to help make your Facebook Page more interesting

Facebook statistics facts

In this posts we offer seven interesting statistics about Facebook that will probably be helpful if you try to make your Facebook Page more interesting and more have more visitors. Besides other Facebook features that you probably use everyday,  this is one of the most useful facts that you can use building your Facebook product ( Facebook Page for example ) to be more attractive.

Let’s start with facebook stats:

1 - Posts with images  receive 39% more interaction.

Not only that  posts with photos are more popular, but they make up 93% of all Facebook posts. According to “Kissmetrics“, photographs obtained 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks on the links compared to post with just text.

Interesting facebook stats Photos generate higher engagement

Also research say photos posts are 120% more engaged by people, and photo albums get 180% commitment by people. This is surprising, but if you have some photos to share, it would be better to put in an album rather than posting them separately.

2 - Shorter posts receive 23% more interaction.

Writing a shorter post is not convenient only on Twitter. It would be nice if your Facebook status does not exceed 250 characters over this limit because you can get 60% more engagement if your post contain less text. You get a 66% commitment from your friends if post status is 80 characters long.

Interesting facebook stats posts length

3 – Using emoticons comments increases 33%.

Interesting facebook stats emoticons

If you think emoticons are just for teenagers, think again, because according to the “AMEX OPEN Forum infographic“, emoticons can make a huge difference in the rate of commitment of people to your post. Not only does it raise the 33% comments, but they are 33% more shared.

facebook emoticons

4- Rates of engagement in a post on Thursday and Friday are higher by 18%.

Compared to any other days of the week, a researches  survey reveals that Facebook posts are 18% more engaged on Thursday and Friday. As  people that made survey say, “The less people want to work, the more they are on Facebook.”

Interesting facebook stats best day to post

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