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Install Windows 7 from USB flash drive – Preparing

Windows 7 usb stick

Install Windows 7 from USB flash drive – Preparing the USB Memory Stick

If you are a total beginner and want to learn something, on this page you can see and learn how to install Windows 7 Ultimate. To install Windows 7 Ultimate , you need a specific hardware and most importantly prepared Hard Disk (HDD) and USB flash memory at least 4 GB. Using fdisk you can repartition the HDD to a computer and so there is no need for you directly from the installation to set up primary partition on the computer- but I suggest to do so, to use windows installation step to create and to partition hard disk, because it is very user friendly step of the installation process.

It is up to you to decide which option you choose, but I advice you to always partition the HDD in at least two partitions (C: and D:) with NTFS file system, and the C: \  you install OS Windows, and on D: \  puts your data and files. What are partitions, file systems ( NTFS, FAT,…) and various additional questions, you can see here.

Before partitioning HDD, you should consider two things. In what format to format the HDD and then install Windows 7. Windows 7 can be installed on an NTFS format. If you format the partition as NTFS format, then the data on the HDD can only access special software which can read NTFS and with a bootable CD. Before you do the installation of Windows 7, firstly it is necessary that your computer can boot from CD\DVD media. (boot up system). If it is not on your computer then you need to enter the BIOS and set FIRST BOOT: DVD-ROM ( for detailed description BIOS and how to set up a DVD-Rom to be First BOOT visit link).

Necessary components  -  Before start working prepare the following:

- A computer that is running Windows 7 operating system (on this computer will prepare a USB memory stick)
- The computer must have a DVD player
- Installation DVD that contains the Windows 7 installation
- USB flash memory stick at least 4 GB

The computer on which you install Windows 7 from a USB memory must have some minimum hardware requirements to install Windows 7:

- 1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor ( faster is recommended )
- 1 GB RAM ( at least – more is recommended )
- 16 GB of space on the HDD
- Support for DirectX 9 if you run Aero
- Option setting in the BIOS to boot from the USB stick ( newer computer has it )
- Internet access for Windows update

Preparing the USB stick to install Windows 7 from a USB stick:

- Connect the USB stick to a computer that has already installed Windows 7
- Click on Start – type “cmd” in the Search field and then click on the found command

cmd command prompt

- After opening the Command Prompt window, type diskpart


- Opens a new window CMD (if you UAC ( User Account Control) from Windows 7 asks for confirmation to accept it). Type “list disk” and press the Enter key. Now you listed drives on your computer. Note that DISK2 size 3830 MB, which means that it is a USB stick that will copy setup file to install Windows 7 from a USB stick.

diskpart list disk

- Enter select disk ? where the question mark is the number of the USB stick that is on the list. So in my case it was “select disk 2″.

diskpart select disk

- After selecting the USB stick type “clean” without quotes to delete all the data from the USB stick.

- The next step is to format and prepare the USB stick, so type “create partition primary”

- After creating a primary partition next step is to format the USB stick in FAT32 format. So type “format fs = fat32 quick”

- After completing format USB stick type “active” and press the Enter key.

- In the next step, type “exit” and press the Enter key to exit from diskpart.

So with these actions described above you prepared USB memory stick to install Windows 7 from a USB memory. Insert in the DVD player DVD media containing bootable installation of Windows 7. In Windows Explorer, you can set the option to see hidden files and folders . Copy the DVD all the files on the USB stick. This step was completed in preparing the USB stick to install Windows 7 from USB memory.

On a computer that does not have a DVD player or is defective (notebook, laptop, PC) at boot enter the BIOS setup and set the First Boot -> USB device. Save the changes, connect the USB stick into your computer and restart the computer to perform a reboot BIOS but this time boot from the USB stick (flash memory).

IN the next step installation of Windows 7 will begin, but that will be in the next post – right here