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InFocus Pro is an application for managing projects for iOS


InFocus Pro is an application for managing projects for iOS

InFocus Pro is a free application (was $ 8) for project management which includes a list of tasks, notes, sketches and calendar for all activities in a project. Certainly there are a number of similar applications, but the advantage is that InFocus offers writing by hand, so you can quickly fill in what you need, rather than tap the keyboard. It also provides a reading list.


The events calendar can be created by writing by hand or through the keyboard. You can add the location of the event or task, but does not offer location on the map or GPS. Also supports repeating events, which means you can do a specific task to appear each week, month or year. There is an option to add multiple notifications of events in order to warn that it is time to prepare, if necessary.


Writing by hand can be used almost anywhere in the application. Unfortunately, the application does not recognize as text, so you can search by words that you have manually written. Projects InFocus Pro can be deployed in folders for better organization and it is desirable to create sub-folders for each project. All charts and data in the calendar can be shared via email or saved as images. The application can be downloaded from iTunes.

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