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How to Set up Parental Controls for Windows 7 and Family Safety on Windows 8

Set up Parental Controls in windows

You must protect your Administrator account with password, or anyone can turn off this feature Parental Controls, and can use computer without any restrictions. Make  sure that your Administrators account has password, or enter password for administrator account in the Ensure Administrator Passwords Window. In the parental User controls, Mark the radio button ON, to enforce current settings.

Then you can control Users computer usage time, used programs and games.

Parental Controls allow or block programs

You can click on Time Limits to control when your Child user account can access and work with the computer. You can set allow time, and restricted time. Also you can control which games you Child can play when you click on the Games option. You can select which games are allowed to run, or you can block all games.

When you click on Allow and Block specific programs you can Allow or Restrict specified programs  by simply select or deselect programs that you want to allow or block.

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