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How to set Computer in a network in workgroup

computers in workgroup

Many times is not necessary to put small number of computers in small networks in centralized systems such as Active directory, especially for small companies that have couple of computers, which doesn’t have resources for expensive servers and server operating system.
First things you have to do in that kind of situations is to set up networking components such as Workgroup and IP address on computers, which will enable to communicate one to each other.

computers in workgroup 3

When you start the computer first (if you are running Windows XP and probably is, or maybe Windows 7 ),right click on My Computer and click Properties (or go to Control Panel – System).
You will see something like:NetworkWG1

Then click on the Change and you will get the next screen.
(Notice you need to be logged with administrator privileges to do this, so loggin with administrator and the appropriate password). Enrolls the Computer name, and the corresponding workgroup as other computers that need to be in the same network, and then OK ( Computer name need to be unique in the workgroup).
* If there is a domain controller in the respective network, he will have to be logged as domain administrator to register the computer in the domain – BUT that isn’t subject in this article.*


You will require a restart, do that. Then you need to setup IP addresses.
To do so, right click My Network Places icon on desktop, or in Control PanelNetwork Connections,


Then right click on Local area connection, which is associated to the network adapter, click Properties, and you will get the next screen


Click on Internet Protocols (TCP / IP) and Properties, you get next screen, where you will have to set IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and maybe DNS servers, if you have DNS server in your network, but in this situation on small network, Computers will communicate with Netbios names resolving.


If there is no DHCP server who will deliver addresses automatically, then you need to see all of the computers that will be in that network and see what IP addresses have set, and put IP address which will be unique in the network.
After doing that click OK, and OK again.
You may need to restart.

After restart try to see whether other computers on the network are there, go to Run – press CMD – OK, you will get command prompt:

Try to ping other computer on the network by his IP address ( which mean communicate to them), it look like:


Type ping lets say, if you get reply message it mean that you get basic communication with other computer in your network, but if you have  request time out something is wrong, and you have to check IP address, physical  connections to your ethernet adapter or something else.  You can also go to My network places icon on desktop, open it and see other computers on your network, like:


You can click any computer on network to conect with it, open shared folder if it have, copy files from that shared folder and so on. How to share folder? That is another story, maybe in another post.